Our Services

Our Services

Our creative teams consist of professional photographers, designers, video editors and skilled animators help deliver excellent results for all your project requirements. This is your chance to increase your brand value with Surge Productions.

Interior Photography

Are you an interior designer looking for photographs that enhance the look and feel of your work? Our choice of angles, even lighting & quality equipment makes a massive difference to your interior design.

Exterior Photography

Are you an architect or builder who wants to showcase the natural beauty and elegance of your building? We create images that give context to the architecture and make it stand out from contemporaries.

Food Photography

Are you a restaurant or a cafe owner looking for a food photographer? We help you overwhelm your customers through exciting photos of your food on a clean white plate with sleek table settings.

Event Photography

Are you an event manager in search of a photographer to cover your events? We can photograph any scale and type of gigs with the utmost attention to detail and at the same time capturing it in its grandeur.

Corporate Videos

Are you a CEO or CMO looking to reach out to your customers and other stakeholders at an emotional level? We produce videos aimed at conveying your message through videos which have soul striking stories encrypted.

After Movies

Do you have an important event that should be preserved forever in the most minimalist way? We create after movie videos that can encapsulate the entire event in the most appealing and exciting style.

Corporate Head Shots

Are you a business head in search of a photographer to showcase your personality and strengths? We are capable of creating photographs of you that bring out your character with utmost simplicity.

Portrait Photography

Are you a model looking to showcase your beauty and style through photos? We create portraits that act as an outlet for your emotions thereby bringing out the best in you in the most candid way imaginable.

Product Photography

Do you have a product which should be showcased in the most creative yet simplistic way? We envision your products in a different outlook and encrypt the purposes of creating the product through eye striking images.


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