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Why should you add video marketing to your content marketing?

How many times have you wondered how to boost your sales, how to increase your conversion rate, how to attract new clients? Probably every minute of your working day and every second of your non – working day. Man! That’s a lot of time but yeah sometimes it looks like you have no choice. Really???

Absolutely not. You may have tried many ways like sales ad or personnel calls or tons of e-mail writing, but have you ever thought about using videos to market your content? Maybe? Maybe not? Don’t worry, we understand your commotion, which is why we will tell you 5 reasons why you should invest in video marketing right now. 

Videos are a great way to convey product information

With effective content and visuals, people will know everything about your brand, from what it is to how to use it. With better understanding comes the need to invest in it. This not only builds trust but it also calls for more people to talk about it. 

Videos boost your SEO performance

Statistics show that adding a video to your landing page can increase the chance of front-page Google result by 53 times and those are good odds. Who doesn’t want to rank on top, right?

Videos are what mobile users call comfort

You will find a lot of people hooked on to their smartphones and even the laziest of the lazy people prefer to watch a video over reading an ad.  A quick explainer video saves a lot of time for the busy gen-Y.

Videos build an emotional connection with people

One is very likely to be moved by watching a 2-minute video clip as it engages your brain with visuals and audio, both of which allow for longer retention. Once the emotion kicks in, it won’t take long to call for action.

Videos motivate people to share on social media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. All these platforms launched new features that encourage video marketing and these can reach many diverse people. Youtube is the second biggest social media platform and right there, your video can do wonders. 

Video advertisements are indeed a powerful tool to reach out to new people and you now know the why of it. You can either invest in videos now or later, but the best way to stay on top is to always start early. You can now increase your reach in a more effective way and the best part is that it is really simple.

So, go on, make more videos, and build many connections. Tell your story. 

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