Video production agencies are witnessing a rapid evolution, with brands increasingly relying on video as the primary method of client communication. However, creating a high-quality video is far from a simple task. It involves various skills such as writing, design, filming or animation, and post-production, which necessitate effective teamwork.

The key to achieving success lies in implementing a well-executed plan, whether it’s for a captivating brand film, an engaging product demo, or an entertaining promotional piece. As a leading video production agency in Bangalore, we understand the intricacies of video production.


So, here are the 7 Key Steps that will help you successfully plan your next video production project:

1. Define Your Objectives

Start by outlining your video production’s goals in detail. You can ask yourself questions like:

      • What goal are you trying to achieve?

      • Whom are you trying to reach? 

      • Where (such as social media) will this film be used?

      • What is the core message that needs to be communicated?

    You want to make sure that you have the entire creative brief ready to produce an outstanding video for your brand. 

    With all of this knowledge, your team and your video production partner will be well-prepared for a seamless project experience.

    2. Develop Your Creative Concept

    It’s time to let your imagination soar! Brainstorm creative ideas with your video agency that align with your objectives and resonate with your audience. Think about the style, tone, and emotions you want to evoke. Whether it’s a heartwarming story, an adrenaline-pumping adventure, or a humorous sketch, let your creativity flow and create a concept that will make your video.

    3. Pre-production

    Pre-production is the key to successful video projects, preventing them from falling apart or straying from their intended goals. It serves as the unseen superhero, providing clarity to everyone involved and bringing all the elements together harmoniously.

    The process of pre-production involves several crucial tasks that lay the foundation for the project. These tasks include conceptualization, scripting, storyboarding, onboarding creative members like stylists, make-up artists, and light men, location scouting, casting, shoot scheduling, props procurement, set design, light design, and shot breakdown.

    The absence of pre-production can lead to chaos and disarray during the shoot. Without a script or proper location planning, the video production would be directionless, akin to a ship sailing without a compass. Pre-production brings order to this creative chaos, ensuring a seamless production experience.


    4. Organizing Production

    Organizing production is a vital stage in any project, especially in video production. It involves meticulous planning and coordination to ensure a smooth and efficient workflow. The process begins with gathering the creative team and defining the project’s goals and objectives. Roles and responsibilities are assigned, and a clear timeline is established to meet deadlines. Budget allocation and resource management are crucial aspects of organizing production, ensuring that all necessary elements, such as equipment, props, and crew, are readily available. 

    5. Develop a schedule for production 


    Video Productions


    Every scene and shot is planned and the required time is allocated. We also take into account the setup time required etc.

    The schedule is made after rounds of discussion between the director, cinematographer and producer.

    As with any creative project that involves multiple stakeholders, staying on schedule can be tricky if timelines aren’t clearly defined from the start. Establish a production schedule well in advance of the commencement of filming to control expectations on all sides and guarantee that your content is available when you need it. 

    Everyone involved can utilise a production schedule as a valuable tool to monitor the project’s progress. Information on the venues, sequences being shot each day, pertinent contact numbers for those participating, and the dates and times of shoots should all be included. 

    Throughout the entire process, pay strict attention to this schedule. Ensure that it is shared with the appropriate team members and updated regularly. Particularly if there are numerous stakeholders or if this is one of your first productions, we advise overestimating the overall time required for production. 


    6. Executing Production

    Executing production is the phase where all the planning and preparation come to life. With a well-organized framework in place, the creative team brings their expertise to the forefront, translating ideas into reality. This phase involves capturing video footage, recording audio, coordinating actors and talent, and directing the shoot according to the script and storyboard. The execution process requires efficient time management and adaptability to handle unexpected situations on set. The production crew works together cohesively, ensuring that lighting, sound, and camera work synchronize seamlessly. 


    7. Post-Production Planning

    Once filming wraps, it’s time to bring all the elements together in post-production. Collaborate closely with your editing team to craft a visually stunning and engaging final cut. Add special effects, graphics, and a captivating soundtrack that amplifies the emotions of your video. Then, polish it to perfection and get ready to share it with the world!

    While different companies may use slightly different approaches for their video production project, the seven video production steps listed above are essential for filming to run smoothly. Hopefully, these give you a better understanding of what’s required for the planning process as a media or corporate video maker.

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