Our Services

Founded in 2015, Surge Productions has emerged as the go-to- video production company. Our team of creative professionals helps brands communicate with their customers through eye-catching videos. Be it ideation to post-production; we bring your imagination to life such that it aligns with your goals. We spend time understanding your target audience and create content keeping them in mind. From the choice of perfect colors to the music, our services cater to all your needs. With a keen eye to every detail, we at Surge productions make goal-driven that are compelling and impactful. This has made us one of the top video production companies in India.

We believe in the idea of untamed imagination that transcends all known forms of human boundaries. Fuelled by self-belief, we employ our robust skills and the gift of vision to create stories that make an impact on people.

Creative Film Production is What we Offer!


Advertise what is and all darts hit the bulls’ eye. 

From concept creation to post-production, we have you all covered in our digital ad segment. It is your one-stop destination for an end to end creative video production. Sell and market your product and we shall ensure that it is custom-designed to meet your requirements and cater to the specific target audience. Reach out to millions with innovation, creativity, and purpose.


It's not just a picture, it’s a whole story in itself. 

We create mesmerizing, conceptualized pictures that aid brand awareness and are perfectly customized to cater to your requirements. The pictures we forge tell a story, a story that has the right focus, the defined depth, and is a stylized perspective of your ideas. With engaging concepts, these pictures speak for themselves. 


It is your story, let it unfold like a fearless storyteller. 

We fashion appealing creative video content that promotes brand awareness; mainly targeted to improve sales and widen your reach. We tailor-make these videos to reach out to your target audience and our videos are very cost-effective. At this video production company, we create testimonials, explanatory videos about products, services, and any other video types that cater to your needs.


Say what you stand for, world will stand for what you say.

We stand with you to create phenomenal non - promotional creative video content that engages in conceptualizing your brand story.  Let the world see a side of you that is beyond sales and marketing. Tell them who you are, what your values are, what you stand for, and what your core principles are. Let us weave a story that focuses on the quintessence of you and your brand.