Surge Productions was tasked to shoot the interiors of a newly-launched hotel property named Velvette. As soothing as the name, the plush design was a feast to our eyes. To rightly communicate the comfort and scenic beauty that the hotel provides, we chose to shoot the property at different times of the day.

Every photo was well-thought-out. Our production house was focused on highlighting the intricate design elements that often remain concealed from the wandering eyes. We also spent time rearranging the furniture in the room such that the interiors become picture-perfect. Velvette used the hand-picked photos captured from behind our lens in their company website, online campaigns, promotional material besides social media handles.

Photography is a delicate job with its triumphs and tribulations. In an attempt to capture the hotel exterior at night, our team had to climb an adjoining flyover to get the perfect alignment for a shot.


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