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At Surge Productions, we are able to offer our services in any Indian City. We also support multi-lingual content. We strive to deliver the same high-quality corporate video production for the best possible prices. 


To make videos that drive results and boost your business, we start chalking out the core marketing goals of our customers. Then, we devise a video production strategy to meet these objectives. Surge Production has experience in creating promotional videos across a wide range of industries. Being one of the best video production agencies in Bangalore, we ensure to use start-of-the-art recording equipment. We have worked with top brands such as HCCB India, Legato.

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What is the process of producing a video?

Video production is a very meticulous process involving pre-production, production, and post-production. The process of pre-production utilizes a creative approach to write scripts and the written scripts are visualized via a storyboard. Next, a long time goes into planning and scheduling the shoot. Once all the preparation is done, the next step is the production stage. This is the actual day of filming. Next, starts the mammoth post-production work of editing, graphics, adding special effects, mixing music, and recording voiceover. This is followed by client reviews and revisions. After the client's approval, the video will be formatted and will be hosted. Our production company will give our very best at every step.

Why is video the best marketing tool?

Today, life has become a busy narrative to people, hence they don't have time to read lengthy articles or product descriptions. Engaging in video advertisements or explaining your product via explainer videos, boosts the ease with which people can understand your content and build emotional connections that ignite curiosity. Longer exposure to video, allows the brain to retain visuals and research shows that people are 74% more likely to buy a product after watching the video. Creative videos are the only way to reach out to millions of people and it is always worth investing in making a good video.

What’s the delivery timeline for producing a video?

The delivery time for a good video depends on a variety of factors such as the complex nature of the shoot, the number of cameras used, the number of days and duration of the video, type of graphics, and many more. Generally, it takes about 6 - 8 hours of post-production processing time to deliver a good quality video with graphics, texts, and subtitles for the duration of 1 minute. This time can also vary with your response time and a number of revisions that you may ask. Usually, every minor revision takes half a day while a major revision takes an entire day. The best part of working with us is that the delivery time can be adjusted to cater to your needs provided you tell us your requirements in advance.

What equipment do you carry for a shoot?

At Surge video production agency, we firmly believe that the best videos are made using the best equipment. Our shots are filmed on a professional 4K video camera and we use additional kit – such as radio mics, lighting kit, or green screen, to get the best shot. We continually invest in new equipment and software in order to be up-to-date with the rapidly changing standards of the industry. We own the best, standardized high-quality equipment and we use any or all the equipment to get the perfect shot irrespective of the budget.

How does quality change with price of video production?

Every good video develops when there is a wiggle room for experimentation and dynamism. Low-budget videos mainly focus on fitting all aspects of your requirements within the budget while there is less time or budget to invest in getting the best professional work in every aspect of video production services. On the contrary high - budget videos give more flexibility to get major expertise in every aspect of making a video and this results in great videos. Irrespective of the budget, we give our best services and that is what makes us a creative video production company.

How large is your crew for filming?

The size of the filming crew depends on the type of video production services you require. For interview videos we use 2 people, one is a dedicated videographer and the other a coordinator. For corporate style videos or commercials, the crew would include a director, writer, two videographers, and editors. Depending on the complexity of the video, we will use additional support personnel like gaffers, sound recording, voice over artists and so on.

What information should you provide in a client brief discussion?

Every video we create, we make sure that we cater to your requirements. We have a specific set of questionnaires for specific video types. We want you to fill up the questionnaire so that we know what your requirements are. Our video content creation intends to fulfill all your expectations while we expect you to discuss your objectives, target audience, your message, visual references, and your budget. This will enable our production team to plan better and to plan ahead. Your valuable inputs and feedback are the driving sources of our work.

Why should you hire Surge Productions for video marketing services?

Surge Production is your one-stop - a destination for all types of video production. We believe that effective communication is the key to a successful business where everything is clearly stated in black and white and the progress of the ongoing project is very well communicated. We guarantee the highest quality of work and very fast turnaround time. We don't compromise on equipment and we work very hard to meet your deadlines (sometimes the most impossible ones). Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we are ready to take up as many revisions as needed to ensure that you are happy with our work. This creative industry requires professionals who do not shy away from experimentation and at Surge, we target to improve creativity. Above all, our services are easily affordable and your satisfaction is our goal.