Efficiently operating a video production house requires meticulous attention to paperwork. Without the correct documents, schedules, and forms in place, your video production house may encounter unnecessary hurdles and delays. That’s why it’s crucial to gather everything you’ll need before shooting during the pre-production phase. This blog will delve into the essential pre-production documents to set the foundation for success in production studios when creating engaging brand films, digital ads, corporate videos, or explainer videos.


Pre-Production Checklist

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A journey without a map can lead to chaos; the same principle applies to brand film production. The pre-production checklist acts as your roadmap, ensuring you have all the necessary elements before the cameras start rolling. From securing locations and assembling the crew to organizing equipment and scheduling, a well-crafted checklist helps you stay organized and on track throughout the pre-production phase.


Story Treatment Template

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Shape your film’s concept and narrative structure with a story treatment template. This valuable tool allows you to present your ideas concisely and coherently. Using the template, you can flesh out the plot, define the characters, and establish the overall tone of your film or digital ads. It serves as a creative guide, refining your story and aligning everyone’s vision before diving into the production phase.


Script Breakdown Template

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Break down the script into individual elements such as scenes, characters, props, and locations with a script breakdown template. Meticulously analyze each aspect to estimate the resources, time, and budget required for each scene. This document is invaluable for creating a production schedule, determining logistics, and identifying potential challenges in advance.


Budget Template

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Managing your resources wisely is crucial for successful corporate video production. Employ a budget template to estimate and allocate funds for various aspects, including production costs, crew salaries, equipment rentals, and post-production expenses. A well-defined budget enables informed decision-making, prevents overspending, and ensures your video stays within financial constraints.


Character Profile

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When producing a corporate video, engaging characters can captivate your audience. Characters are the heart and soul of any film, and this template allows you to delve deeper into their personalities, motivations, and relationships. Define each character’s traits, backstory, and arc to provide valuable insights to your actors, enabling them to portray their roles authentically. This document also aids in maintaining consistency throughout production and guides costume and makeup departments in shaping the characters’ visual identities.


Talent Release Agreement

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Working with actors requires proper legal documentation to protect your video production house. This document outlines the rights and obligations of both parties, securing the use of their performances, images, and likeness in your film. Obtaining these releases during pre-production mitigates potential legal issues and safeguards your company from future complications.


Storyboard Template

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Visual storytelling is paramount in corporate video production. Utilize a storyboard template to visualize shots and sequences, effectively communicating your vision to the entire team, including the director of photography, production designer, and camera crew. Storyboards provide a clear visual reference, ensuring everyone is on the same page and minimizing miscommunications during production.



Pre-production serves as the backbone for production studios. Utilizing the essential pre-production documents discussed above can streamline your filmmaking process, save valuable time and money, and set the stage for a smooth and efficient production. These documents help you stay organized, align your creative vision, and empower your team to bring your film to life. 

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