It can sometimes take time to explain a product or complex in writing. That’s where explainer videos come in. Explainer videos are a crucial marketing tool for any firm, whether you’re advertising technology, pet accessories, or fashion. 

Explainer videos capture the attention of your target audience and demonstrate how your solution addresses their problems while entertaining them. Consider it a video version of your elevator pitch for your company, product, or service.

To create explained videos that work, there are several best practices that video production companies should follow: 

Have a single goal 

The audience will need clarification if an explainer video tries to accomplish multiple objectives in a short amount of time. Try formulating a problem statement if you need help deciding the aim. This claim serves as your video’s anchor or topic. It will prevent you from straying from your objective.

The action you want your audience to take after seeing the video should be considered as you choose the goal. You wouldn’t want your viewers to leave without visiting your website or completing the registration form, would you? An explainer video that has a conclusion is like closing the loop. You understand both of them very well. You have a clear idea about your video’s start and end.

Know your target audience. 

There are a ton of explanatory videos available. However, a select few have more views than all the others combined. Do you know what would have helped them? There will undoubtedly be various factors, but the target audience’s research will be the unifying factor. The secret ingredient is understanding the audience. It allows any video production firm to adapt and customise your film following the interests of your target audience.

Consider getting to know your audience’s demographics, driving forces, and the changes they’re attempting to bring about in their lives.

Create Powerful, Entertaining Visuals

Strong visuals can make a video distinctive and unique from others. They facilitate simple explanations of the procedure and work well for viewers as memory aids. Fully animated images are entertaining and engaging, and they’re more likely to persuade viewers to watch your video in its entirety (and maybe share it with others!). Entertainment is another crucial factor for a video production firm to consider when capturing the viewer’s interest.

Answer Your Audience’s Questions

Ensure that it responds to the queries of your audience. This holds for any online content you publish. Your explainer film must address a specific issue and be simple to understand. Nobody will watch it if you are discussing product details that have nothing to do with your customers’ issues.


Creating effective explained videos is crucial for any video production company. By simplifying complex information, creating a clear plan, using engaging visuals, keeping the video short, and answering your audience’s burning questions, you can create videos that resonate with your audience and achieve your business goals. Remember to be creative, have fun, and strive for excellence in video production.