As a video production agency, it is crucial to understand the importance of pre-production. This process involves meticulous planning and execution of every task before the actual production begins. Typically, pre-production starts once the script is completed and involves a team of professionals, such as the director, cinematographer, producers, first assistant director, production managers, production coordinators, and location scouts. While every project may differ in terms of budget and production size, certain fundamental guidelines must be followed to ensure a successful outcome. In this blog, we will discuss the essential steps of pre-production that any video production agency should consider for creating a compelling and impactful video.

The Steps of Pre-Production: 

Here’s a brief explanation of each of the essential steps of pre-production for video production agency:

  1. Lock the Shooting Script:

    Once the script has been finalised, it is crucial to ensure that it remains unchanged. Locking the script means that no more significant changes or alterations will be made to the storyline, dialogue, or scenes. This step is crucial to keep the production process organised and efficient.
  2. Finalise the Budget:

    It is essential to establish a budget that covers all aspects of the production, including pre-production, production, and post-production. A well-planned budget ensures that the project is financially viable and that resources are allocated efficiently.
  3. Hire Key Department Heads:

    Hiring key department heads, such as the director, cinematographer, production designer, and editor, is crucial for the success of the project. These professionals bring their expertise to the table and ensure that the production process runs smoothly.
  4. Break Down the Script: Breaking down the script involves analysing every element of the script, including characters, dialogue, locations, and props. This step helps in planning the logistics of the shoot and ensures that all necessary elements are accounted for.

  1. Storyboard and Shot List the Scenes:

    Storyboarding involves creating a visual representation of each scene, while a shot list outlines the shots needed for each scene. These tools help in planning the shoot and ensure that every necessary shot is captured.
  2. Scout and Secure Locations:

    Scouting locations involves finding suitable locations for each scene and obtaining the necessary permissions and agreements for filming. Securing locations early in the pre-production process ensures that everything is in place when filming begins.
  3. Cast Actors and Hire Crew:

    Casting the right actors for the project is crucial to its success. Hiring a skilled crew, including lighting technicians, sound engineers, and makeup artists, is also necessary to ensure that the production runs smoothly.
  4. Get Permits and Insurance:

    Obtaining permits and insurance is necessary for any video production project. Permits ensure that the crew has permission to film in certain locations, while insurance protects against any potential accidents or damage that may occur during filming.
  5. Schedule Shoot Days :   Scheduling shoot days involves setting dates for filming each scene and ensuring that all crew members are available. A well-planned shooting schedule ensures that the production process runs efficiently and on time.

  6. Perform a Tech Scout and Arrange for Equipment Rentals: A tech scout involves visiting each location to assess the lighting and sound requirements. It helps to ensure that the necessary equipment is available and that the production team is prepared for any challenges. Arranging for equipment rentals early in the pre-production process ensures that everything is in place when filming begins.


In summary, for video production agencies, pre-production is a fundamental stage that requires careful planning and execution of numerous tasks. By implementing the crucial steps, such as locking the shooting script, hiring key department heads, and scheduling shoot days, video production agencies can create engaging and impactful videos that exceed their clients’ expectations. Moreover, investing in pre-production can result in significant time and cost savings while ensuring the production runs smoothly and efficiently. Therefore, it is vital for video production agencies to prioritise pre-production to deliver high-quality videos that satisfy their clients and establish their reputation as reliable and skilled professionals in the industry.